Learn to Repair Your Own Windows

Part of the mission of our company is to teach people the skills to repair their own windows, or to start a small business as we did.  We do that in a one-on-one format.  There are three sessions, each costing $250 dollars for a total of $750.  This includes the materials to renew one window.  See “Materials” page for a list of our supplies and where to purchase them.


The three sessions are:

1. Removal

2. Repair and refinish

3. Weatherize and install


Participants will learn the following skills:

Unsticking windows that are painted shut

Removing window sashes

Removing old glazing putty and re-glazing

Repairing sash that are damaged or rotting

Stripping paint from sash, frames and refinishing

Weatherstripping jambs and sashes

Replacing sash cords so that your sash are counter-weighted and operate easily

Re-installing and adjusting to operate smoothly, with tight-fitting hardware and weatherstripping


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