We use the best quality materials so that you will not have to do anything other than occasional painting to keep your windows working and weathertight for many years to come.  We also try to buy locally as much as we can.

Sash cord:  100% cotton braided sash cord, ¼” thick.

Samson Sash Cord (or red dot) available from Reliable Paper Company:



1-1/8” spring bronze from Killian Hardware Co., Philadelphia, PA.

This company also has stop bead adjusters.  These allow you to slide the inside stops to adjust the tightness or looseness of the stop.

Silicone tube weather-seals, white, ¼” (head and sill rails) and 3/16” (meeting rails) by Conservation Technology of Baltimore, MD.  Also available in gray and brown.


Glazing Compound:

Dual Glaze in natural color by Sarco Putty Co., Inc, Chicago, IL.  Order 2 gallon buckets directly at (773) 735-5577; or, for smaller quantities, also distributed by:


Epoxy Repair:  West System by Bougeon Brothers, Inc., Bay City, MI

Available at Stadium Hardware, Ann Arbor, MI




Primer and Paint:  BIN is a good primer, we like oil paint for longevity.

Hardware: various sites on the internet, google “antique hardware”

Pully lubricant: silicone or graphite such as Tri-Flow.  Do NOT use oil or WD-40, which attract dirt and can gum up the pulley.

Glass:  local hardware stores, Diamond Feiner, Washtenaw Glass

Wood Glue:  Tite Bond III (exterior)

Wood Putty:  stainable/paintable (do not use Minwax other than to fill small holes).

Wood storm/screen combinations:

Dave Deppe, Marshall, MI:  (269) 274-4735,

Adair Restoration, Ann Arbor, MI: (734) 239-2886,

Olde Home Rehab, Kalamazoo, MI: (269) 806-8551,