Top Signs Which Indicate That You Need To Replace Your Windows

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about your windows too much. However, it is very important to regularly check your home’s windows to ensure they are in good shape and are fulfilling their function. Also, windows do have a life span and they won’t simply last the entire of your lifetime. So, it is important to know when you need to replace them. We will now cover some of the top signs that will indicate that you need to get them replaced asap.

The main purpose of your windows is the protect you and your home from the cold, rain and other elements. So, if you close your windows and still feel a cold draft inside your home, then this means that the seals on your windows are likely damaged. This is a sure sign that you need to get your windows replaced because damaged window seals will negatively impact your property’s thermal stability. This will cause you to face much higher electricity and heating bills since your HVAC will have to deal with a much heavier load to maintain the temperature in your home.

Another signal which indicates that your windows need to be replaced is if they are malfunctioning, can’t open or close easily, are rotting, have mold etc. These signs show that your windows have lived a long life and now need to be retired.

If you notice condensation on the interior of your windows then this means that the interior of your home is humid or there is air leakage. It is fine if there is condensation on the exterior of your windows as this signals that the weather conditions outside of your home are more humid. So, if you see condensation on the interior of your windows or even in between the window panes, then this is a sure sign that your windows need to be replaced.

Aluminium windows also serve to protect your home from excessive exterior noise. For example, this could be noisy neighbors, dogs barking, car horns and automotive traffic, kids playing etc. If you’ve noticed that you’re hearing more external noise while inside your home with your windows closed, then this indicates that your windows are not properly insulating your home from that noise and need to be replaced. There are specific windows that are made in a way to reduce sound transfer significantly and you should look into them if you want better sound proofing in your home.

Lastly, if you notice a sharp increase in your heating or cooling bills and you have not increased your energy usage, then this may be due to faulty windows. It indicates that your windows are not properly sealing off your home which causes your heating or cooling elements to work even harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home. This will naturally result in more energy being used which would lead to higher bills.

In summary, these are a couple of the top signs that clearly show you need to get your windows replaced. Thankfully, there are many new and modern options to choose from which will not only provide you with the functionality you need but also improve the overall aesthetic of your home.

Tempered Glass

Advantages of Using Tempered Glass at Home

Glass is among the most desirable home construction materials thanks to its awe-inspiring and magnificent look. Although there are many innovative glass solutions, most homeowners and construction/renovation contractors opt for tempered glass for doors and windows. You too should consider installing tempered glass for doors and windows.

Here’s a breakdown of why you should use tempered glass for your home.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a classification of safety glass that has been put through a thermal tempering process. The thermal tempering process involves heating standard glass, and then it’s left to cool down. However, the glass doesn’t cool down evenly, with the outer surface cooling more rapidly while the inside of the glass cools slowly.

As a result, the exterior surface of the glass experiences compression, and the interior experiences a state of tension, giving the glass its tempered properties. These tempering properties of the glass make it perfect for your home. The tempering process only changes the physical properties of the glass, making it tempered glass, not its aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Using Tempered Glass in Your Home’s Doors and Windows

1. Tempered Glass Is Safer Than Standard Glass in Case of Breakage

Standard glass shatters into sharp shards when breaking after a substantial impact. The sharp shards are a massive safety hazard for anyone in the home, especially children, as they can cause deep cuts from simple actions, like being picked up during cleaning. In contrast, tempered glass breaks into blunt circular pieces that significantly minimize the risk of injuries.

Moreover, the pieces of broken tempered glass can be cleaned with a broom without the risk of injuries. Installing tempered glass on your doors and windows makes your home safer.

2. Tempered Glass Is More Durable and Stronger Than Ordinary Glass

The thermal processing that tempered glass undergoes during cooling naturally makes it stronger and tougher. Tempered glass is estimated to be four to five times stronger than ordinary glass. This means it can withstand impacts with up to roughly four times greater force than the force that would break standard glass.

Therefore, after you install tempered glass on your home’s doors and windows, it’s less likely to break. Moreover, tempered glass is scratch-resistant. It will stay crisp for longer than ordinary glass.

3. Tempered Glass Boosts Your Home’s Security

Since tempered glass can’t easily break, it would take a really determined burglar to break the tempered glass on your door or window and access your home. In most cases, the resistance put up by the tempered glass in your doors or windows will make the burglar walk away, convinced that breaking into your home isn’t worth the effort.

4. Tempered Glass Is Heat-Resistant

Tempered glass can tolerate temperatures of up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking. This is why it’s commonly used in high-temperature applications like shower doors and stovetops. Ordinary glass often breaks in high-temperature environments like kitchen windows, making it a safety hazard in your home. Since tempered glass can tolerate high temperatures, you can install it in your home, including kitchen windows, without any temperature-associated safety risks.

How strong is tempered glass

Get Tempered Glass That Suits Your Design and Applications
Tempered glass can be used for your windows and doors and almost anywhere you want to use glass, including shower doors, tabletops, and so on. Moreover, tempered glass is available in many design options. There’s no better glass for your home than tempered glass.

Different Types Of Windows You Can Install

If you are going to remodel your home, it’s important to consider the type of windows you will be using. In some cases, it will be a very easy decision based on the standard size of the windows in your household. However, even though the opening may be representative of the standard size, there are different types of windows that you can use. It depends on what type of exterior effect you would like to present, and there are many different types to choose from. Here is an overview of the several different types of windows that you can install.

Reasons To Replace Your Windows

There are typically three possible reasons that people would want to invest money in new windows for their home.

First of all, it could be to improve its overall value. Second, you may currently have single pane windows that are allowing cold air and heat to escape, which is causing your heating and air-conditioning bill to be extremely high. Finally, you may simply want to change the way the house looks. If this is going to be your primary residence for many years or decades, it’s a good decision to make.

Double Hung Windows

Arguably the most common type of window that people will install in a home, the double-hung window is very useful. You will often see individual air-conditioning units positioned in these windows because it’s very easy to do. In most cases, the window is going to slide up and down, providing you with an opening. In most cases, you will be able to find the exact size that you need at your local home improvement store.

Slider Windows

These are also very popular types of windows. Essentially, they move from left to right. They are designed for horizontal spaces where lots of ventilation is often needed. For example, when these are positioned in a bathroom, bedroom, or in a kitchen area, they are very easy to use and also install.

Casement Windows

These windows are unique because they are designed to open outwardly. They are also designed to provide energy-efficient seal. You may see these in bathrooms or areas where limited space is available. If you are the owner of a contemporary or transitional-styled home, these will be perfect.

Awning Windows

These are perhaps the most unique window design ever made. They also open outward, like a casement window, but they are open to using a crank handle. These will often pivot, with the lower portion extending outward. If you have a beautiful kitchen, these would be very appropriate. It’s also what you will often see in basements and installed in the lower level of homes.

Types of windows

There are many other types of windows that you may want to consider installing. Hopper windows, bay windows for the kitchen, and bow windows as well. It’s important to work with a professional that can offer you their opinion. You will likely find these individuals at a home improvement store. Regardless of the designs, you are using, or how much they will cost, you will end up improving the value of your home, as well as the way it works.